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Staking rewards on the FWDX token are not guaranteed and are dependant on volume being traded via the FWDX platform. Rewards could be zero if no volume is traded.

There is currently no plan to list the FWDX Token on any centralised exchanges.

The FWDX Token is intended to be staked for the purpose of long-term yield generation. It will have no other use or utility.

Liquidity in the FWDX token may be extremely low. DO NOT purchase the FWDX token if you are only interested in a quick capital gain.

The FWDX token is not permitted for distribution within the United States.

We will monitor IP addresses and wallets that connect to FWDX. Those found to be in the US will be blacklisted and will not be eligible for revenue share.

Wallets will be monitored for links to known sanctioned or criminal entities. Those with such links will be black-listed and will not be eligible for revenue share.