How to get the FWDX Token


We will be making a limited number of tokens available for sale via the FWDX platform.


Users can take part in our Mainnet trading competitions/Quests and win airdrops of the FWDX token.


You stand to win airdrops of our token just for using FWDX. It really is that simple.

  • 2,000,000 fixed supply
  • Token buyback program
  • Profit share paid as staking rewards in USDC
  • Minimum trading price
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1 – What is the FWDX Token?

  • The sole purpose of the FWDX token is to gain access to the profit share of the FWDX trading platform.
  • To gain access to profit share, holders of the token will be able to stake the token and claim rewards in USDC.

2 – Where do staking rewards come from?

  • TRewards for staking the FWDX token come from the trading profits of the FWDX platform.
  • FWDX will take at least 50% of its trading profits each day, convert those profits into USDC, and distribute as rewards to the FWDX token staking pool.
  • The more trading volume that goes through FWDX, the more rewards sent to the staking pool.

3 – How are rewards paid?

  • FWDX token stakers will be able to simply claim their USDC rewards via the staking platform, the share of the rewards pool you will get depends on the amount of FWDX tokens that you have staked.

4 – Where can I stake FWDX tokens?

  • FWDX token staking will be available on the FWDX platform once average daily trading volume surpasses $100,000.

5 – Where will FWDX tokens be listed?

  • FWDX tokens will not be listed on centralised exchanges.
  • The FWDX token will be made available to trade on the FWDX platform once yield on the token reaches appropriate levels.

6 – What is the value of a FWDX token?

  • The public sale price of the FWDX token is $15.
  • As the FWDX token will not be listed, the value of the token will be set by FWDX and based on the yield of the token generated by daily trading volumes on the FWDX platform.
  • The higher the average daily trading volume on FWDX, the higher the minimum trading price of th FWDX token will be set.